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I offer wedding ceremonies in traditional or contemporary styles but, by personal taste, gravitate towards the more traditional. Along with a good dose of humour, warmth and good cheer, I bring a sense of formality and dignity to my ceremonies to reflect the significance and solemnity of this special occasion.

If you are seeking to include Christian themes into your wedding ceremony, I am delighted and qualified to do so. I am also able to provide secular or humanist ceremonies and in these instances draw on my love of literature and history to reflect the significance of this most sacred of ceremonies.

Each wedding ceremony is designed to reflect the unique love story of each couple, and I proudly celebrate love in all its forms.

I am authorised to officiate wedding ceremonies anywhere in Australia.    

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Please allow me to express my sincere condolences to you and your family as you charter unknown waters in your bereavement.

I am here to assist you in your time of grief and sadness. 


I can offer funeral services in traditional or contemporary styles. My focus is on providing words of comfort to those who mourn, while honouring the life of the departed. If you wish to incorporate some religious elements in your loved one’s funeral ceremony, I can assist you with this as I am an active member and a lay preacher the Uniting Church. If you wish for a totally secular or humanist  ceremony conducted with dignity, I shall equally be able to assist you.

While I live in Toowoomba, Queensland, I am available to travel anywhere in Australia or overseas to conduct funeral services.

I look forward to assisting you at this trying time.

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of Vows

No matter how many years have passed since your initial vows, I offer my heartiest Congratulations to you both on the distance travelled and on your decisions to re-commit to one another.

After 25 years of marriage, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was asked what she thought about married life. She replied, “I can answer with equal simplicity and conviction, I am for it.” Now she is approaching 75 years. With your decision to renew your vows, you are in very good company. 

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Baby Naming

Many congratulations on the new arrival(s) to your family!

A Baby Naming Ceremony offers the chance to celebrate your new addition. It is a wonderful opportunity for your family to celebrate the arrival of your child or children and to share your dreams and aspirations for their future. As the proud grandfather of three young boys I have recently experienced the joy of new additions to our own family.  

Naming ceremonies can be designed to reflect and capture the family's wishes. I would be delighted to assist you with this. 

I can offer ceremonies in traditional or contemporary styles but, by personal taste, gravitate towards the more traditional. 

If you wish to have some religious elements in your Baby Naming ceremony, I am very happy with this, as I am an active

member and lay preacher in the Uniting Church. I am equally delighted to be conducting completely secular ceremonies.


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